Client Testimonials

Three words: I trust him. Jason has deep, technical, SEO knowledge that goes way beyond what I normally see in the field. The results he provides for my clients are highly targeted and effective. He is not only my trusted advisor, but he’s the person I go to first for anything SEO related. Any agency looking for expertise & issue resolution can lean on Jason in all matters related to organic search marketing.

Jason Fisher is that extremely unique blend of technical prowess, proven experience and team-building rapport. He’s comfortable collaborating and interpreting for both technical and creative teams, whether that’s enterprise level operations or small and mid-sized businesses. He’s very sharp to roles in collaborative efforts and making sure his clients succeed as their customers succeed. We’ve worked with Jason for over 5 years now and we could not recommend a professional more highly to help your agency bring world-class SEO, business-driven results and overall digital marketing strategy and expertise to your team.

Jason Fisher is a hidden treasure in the world of SEO consulting.  We have often referred to him as the "Good Will Hunting of SEO."  Over the last 7 years or so, he has worked on hundreds of SEO projects of every shape and size you could imagine for us.  From SMB to Enterprise clients, he has been a trusted voice in developing & implementing SEO strategy for our most important clients.  His IT & Program Management background are invaluable and often utilized when implementing complex projects with our client’s internal IT Staff.  His integrity is beyond reproach and has always delivered on the promise.
Due to his many years of experience consulting for different digital agencies, he has a very extensive body of work and experience to draw from.  His deep technical knowledge, insights & guidance are invaluable; he has been nothing short of instrumental in our agencies success over the years.