Local SEO That Really Moves the Needle

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Is your business easily found online? Is it highly visible where it matters most? [Photo By: John Holliger]

Your customers are searching for products & services from their cars using telematics, from smartphones using mobile applications, as well as all of the more traditional search methods using major search engines & local directories.  If your business is not in the right local search engines and applications that your customers use, then your losing a lot of customers to the businesses that are serious about their local search marketing.

Get Found by Your Local Customers

Make your business highly visible everywhere that matters in the local search ecosystem.  If you operate a Local Brick & Mortar, Brick & Click or a Service Area-based Business (SAB), I can drastically improve your organizations local search visibility and ultimately your bottom line.  Make sure local customers find you and not your local competitors, hire me to execute the perfect Local Search Marketing campaign for your clients…

What I Do to Grow your Online Visibility

Business Profile

Establish a complete and standardized business profile of your public-facing business information.

Keyword Research & Analysis

Identify the top transactional keyword phrases with the best user intent.

Site Audit & Tune-up

Audit your website, document & remediate all accessibility, indexability, and success factor issues that should be resolved.

Local On-Page Optimization

Document & implement all necessary on-page coding improvements.

Online Reviews

Implement a client testimonial page and online review system on your website that facilitates the collection and submission of 1st and 3rd party reviews.

Citation Audit & Clean-up

Identify & fix all negative ranking factors that are hurting your sites ability to rank.  This is a comprehensive manual analysis of your companies business listing health in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

Citation Building

Submit your perfect business profile to all Data Aggregators of location-based data and setup complete company profiles in all of the most important Local Search Engines, Industry & Local Directories.

Google Maps

Create and optimize your Google Maps profile for completeness and accuracy.

Structured Data

Implement relevant Local Business schema.org data types to improve Google’s understanding & presentation of your websites content in their SERP.

Linking Opportunities

Identify & share important linking opportunities that are relevant to your industry and location.

Content Guidance

Provide ideas on how to create valuable content for end-users that will attract links, drive traffic and improve user interaction on your site.

Rank Tracking & Reporting

Provide deep insights on how your business ranks locally and nationally for your top keyword phrases.  Our reports provide valuable strategic feedback on your overall visibility in the major search engines as well as how your other assets are performing e.g. video, images, places.  PDF reports are delivered weekly to your email inbox.

Business Listing Master File

This document contains every citation that has been created along with other important linking opportunities we discovered for you.  Your citations are an asset to your business whose value can increase over time as the page quality is improved.  This document enables you or your marketing staff to know where all of your citations live and how to easily access your accounts.

How I add value to a local business

Local Search Visibility

Improve your business visibility in local search engines & applications.  Your business profile is plugged into all of the most important sources of location-based business data and into all of the most visible local search engines, local directories and applications.

Organic Search Traffic

Increase highly targeted national & local search engine traffic to your site.

Phone Calls & Foot Traffic

The more visible your company is in the local search engines and key industry sites, the more sales inquiries & customers you will have walking through your door.

Ranking Power

Improves your domains Authority & Trust in the eyes of the search engines.  Increased authority & trust translates into improved search engine rankings.